The Village’s official website will tell you that “the Village of Menomonee Falls offers small-town charm while providing outstanding amenities and convenient access to the entire Milwaukee region,” but it’s so much more than that. As one of Wisconsin’s largest villages, Menomonee Falls offers a living experience like no other – small-town feel, safe neighborhoods, beautiful environment, while also touting high performing schools districts, effective municipal services, and that previously mentioned convenient access to all of the big-city amenities of the Milwaukee area.

Don’t just take it from a website though, take it from someone who became a first time home buyer in Menomonee Falls over twenty years ago, who went on to sell my house in Menomonee Falls, but only as a way of upsizing – yes, I still live in the Falls, who is actively involved in/with numerous Falls community organizations, and who is now happily helping others buy and sell their homes as arguably the best realtor in Menomonee Falls!

Who is the Best Realtor in Menomonee Falls?

I might be biased, but I strongly believe that the best realtor in Menomonee Falls is someone who actively lives in the community. What do I mean by that, by “actively” lives? I mean someone like me who has watched his two boys grow up through the school system; I mean someone like me who is engaged with local organizations – Menomonee Falls Community Development Authority (CDA), American Legion Post 382, Golf Fore Wolfe and a Cure, Run With Wolfes; and I mean someone like me who puts his money where his mouth is and happily sponsors events that make the community an even more desirable place to live – Menomonee Falls Sunset Concert Series. If you agree with me, that the best realtor in Menomonee Falls is one who is also a proud resident of Menomonee Falls, then I’d love to connect and continue the conversation.

Looking to Buy a House in Menomonee Falls?

Buying a house in Menomonee Falls in today’s market can be an extremely emotional process. Buyers are engaging in fierce competition over properties, which inevitably leads to extreme emotional highs and lows throughout the buying process. Because of this emotional roller coaster, it is even more important to have a real estate agent by your side who can calmly walk with you from start to finish. My background as a social worker (working early on in the emotionally charged child protective services arena, then working for nearly 15 years at Children’s Hospital of WI), helped to hone my ability to remain rock-steady during emotional times, and gives me a definite advantage over other agents. Connect with me today if you expect your real estate agent to remain calm even when the home buying and selling process sends you on an emotional roller coaster.

Looking to Sell Your House in Menomonee Falls?

Even if you are not thinking of selling right away, it’s normal to be curious about the prices of homes that sold in Menomonee Falls recently, especially if it was your neighbor’s house; it’s also completely normal to be curious how the value of your house compares. If that has you intrigued, I invite you to click below to see the final sales prices for houses that sold in Menomonee Falls last month. I update the information every month, and the list takes its information directly from the MLS, so you can usually see some interior pictures as well (if you’re really curious how your house compares). In addition to the monthly list, if you want information on a specific property, I can get that for you as well. Just connect with me through the website, or call me directly at 414-587-9691.