Selling My Parents House in Menomonee Falls

Selling your parent’s house will be an emotional process.

If you are at the stage in your life where you are tasked with selling your parent’s house, you know that there are all sorts of emotions that go along with that. You are dealing with the loss of a loved one; you might be trying to coordinate this large financial transaction with the help of your sibling(s); you might be coming to grips with selling your childhood home; all of this while trying to still keep up with the things going on in other aspects of your life. You are going through an emotional process. So, if you need a guide who can get you from start to finish, while also helping you deal with the emotional rollercoaster, my 20 years as a social worker (prior to becoming a realtor) gives me a unique set of skills – skills suited to helping you manage the emotional ups and downs while also focusing on the tasks at hand.

Now That You’ve Chosen the Best Realtor, What’s Next?

When selling your parent’s house in Menomonee Falls, Metro Milwaukee, or anywhere else in Wisconsin, your Realtor is more than just the person trying to help you get the sale completed; your Realtor is also there to help guide you through the emotional ups and downs that are sure to go along with the process. With me (a former social worker) by your side, you’ve picked arguably the best Realtor in Menomonee Falls (possibly the best in Southeastern Wisconsin) when it comes to keeping you on the path to a successful sale while also calmly, but thoughtfully navigating all of those emotions.

Steps on the Path

You didn’t necessarily make the decision to sell your parent’s house in Menomonee Falls or Metro Milwaukee; it’s a task that was, in a sense, forced on you, and now you have all sorts of things to consider as you navigate the path.

Are there any heirlooms/treasures that you want to keep?

  • Depending on how long your parent(s) has/have been in the house, the answer will be different for every family
    • Some things will have more meaning for one sibling versus another
    • Questions of resale value (for items in the house) will come up
  • Start by clearing one room, then use that room to store items that you, or your siblings, might want to keep.

What to do about clearing out all of the other stuff?

  • It’s okay to throw stuff away
  • It’s also okay to acknowledge that the task might be too big for just a rented dumpster
    • We will look at opportunities to donate items
    • We can also look at professional clean-out companies

What to do about clearing out all of the other stuff?

  • Listing it in its “as-is” condition on the open market (MLS Listing)
  • “Fix-and-List” options
  • “Cash” options

Other than ERA MyPro Realty, what are some other helpful resources?

There are so many things that I want to tell you about the options ERA MyPro Realty can offer you, and I’m sure that you have tons of questions as well; call or text me at 414-587-9691, or fill out the form below, and let’s continue the conversation!

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